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You made the decision to better your career… You made the sacrifice… You put in the time… Your educational journey wasn’t easy, but you made it! Congratulations on completing your education!


Now, it’s all about securing your employment within your field of study. You’re going to face a lot of competition in the open jobs market. It’s not just you applying for the positions you are dreaming about. There are hundreds of other applicants who want the same job as you do. The trick is to out work, out smart and out play your competition. And that’s exactly what PITA Career Services will help you do.


PITA Career Services, powered by Strategic Marketing & Employment Group (SMEG) is an advanced Career Services and Recruitment solution that partners with its students in providing world-class job search readiness and job coaching tools, techniques and mentorship needed to help you rise above your competition.

Our Career Services delivers the following benefits:

  1. Career Counseling that provides a strategic path from where you are now, to where you want to go. Once you are three months from graduating your program, Our Career Counselors will contact you to set up an appointment to where your Career Counselor can gain an in depth understanding of your career goals. From this conversation, your Career Counselor will devise a tailored plan for you to reach your career goal.

  2. Hand Crafted Marketing Materials (Cover Letter and Resume) that not only represent you as a professional in your new profession, but that also provides strategy that is proven to improve your chances of your resume getting into the hands of hiring managers.

  3. Come to our weekly Job Search Workshop where you will not only be supported by an experienced recruiter but where you will also learn advanced knowledge and techniques regarding how to conduct a job search that drives results. The 1st Friday of each month, we bring breakfast!

  4. No matter what your Career Focus is, our Career Board has monthly hand-picked job opportunities for you to apply for. You can apply directly or if you’d like the help of your career counselor, we can assist you in your application. Our Career Board also has flyer material that keeps you aware of all the Career Fairs and Career Related events in our area along with analytics that measure career data for you to make well decisions relating to your career

  5. Before you attend a Career Fair, Join our Career Fair Strategy Sessions where you will receive advanced knowledge and support relating to how to effectively attend these events! By attending our Career Fair Strategy Sessions, you will be well trained in how to posture, how to pitch your skills and how to network with employers for present and future job opportunity.

  6. Once you start to secure interviews, we also provide Tailored Interview Preparation that is specific to the job that you are interviewing for. We will arm you with knowledge such as how to posture yourself, what specific questions to ask, what specific questions to be prepared to answer, what to say and what not to say and how to strategically interview so that you have optimal opportunity to get an offer letter!

  7. If you need interview attire, we also have you covered with our Top G Interview Clothing on assignment program. With our relationship with Men’s Wearhouse, we will ensure that you go to your interview looking like a serious professional.

PITA Career Services brings to you every opportunity, tool, and knowledge support in efforts to assist you in securing employment within your new career. Together, we will make sure your education is worth your investment.
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Career Service Assistance

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Professional Institute of Technology will provide career assistance to all graduates in good standing. Firstly our Career Services department assists students with resume development, interview skills, and career search techniques.


Secondly, Career Services personnel will advise students and graduates on available careers in the area for which the students have been trained. To do this, the school maintains a contact file of potential employers, which is constantly updated. Thirdly Employers are also invited to come to the campus for career interview sessions with our students and graduates.


In addition, the Professional Institute of Technology and Accounting provides the opportunity for an externship with our partner employers. Consequently, only those students who are satisfactorily progressing through their program will be allowed to participate in the externship. Attendance or conduct issues are grounds for ineligibility for career services. 

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