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Medical Billing and Coding Automation

This course includes the Billing and Coding course as well as the Electronic Health Records course. This course is designed to take a medical professional and train them in the following areas: Healthcare industry regulatory and legal compliance, how to use an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and learn the requirements of a certified EHR system, how to manage patient appointments and other requests within the EHR, Learn about health insurance and medical billing and coding regulatory compliance and how to process claims, documentation auditing for diagnostic and procedural coding accuracy. Students enrolled in this course will certify in CEHRS and CBCS.

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Electronic Health Records CEHRS Certification

The Certified Health Record Specialist (CEHRS) is responsible for obtaining and documenting patient information. You can specialize in varying areas or one aspect of the electronic health records such as entry level Coders, Encoding within a hospital setting, Abstractors and/or Coding Specialist, HIPAA Compliance Officers, and HIM (Health Information Managers). The duties will vary with size and specialty of the facility. Students will master the skills to take the certification exam for CEHRS, Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist. Test consists of the following topics: Medical errors, government health initiatives, medical records, doctor’s office responsibilities, patient flow, E.H.R. (Electronic Health Records)

One of the most important tasks in the practice of medicine is managing information. Whether it’s about a patient or about the latest developments in treating disease.

An Electronic Health Record is a computerized lifelong healthcare record for an individual that incorporates data from all sources that provide treatment for an individual.

The days of paper files are coming to an end, jump on board this growing field.

Courses Included

  • Introduction to Electronic Health Records
  • Transitioning to an Electronic Health Record
  • The Need for Clinical Electronic Health Records in the Physician Office
  • Electronic Health Records in the Hospital
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Electronic Billing and Coding CBCS Certification

Students will learn and master billing and coding for medical insurance filing ICD9 codes. Students will master procedures for all aspects of submitting, tracing, appealing, and transmitting claims for today’s full range of health plans. Diagnostic coding, procedural coding, office and insurance collection strategies, Medicare, managed care, and more are presented.

This course offers each student the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand Insurance Billing and Medical Coding. Beginning with CPT/HCPCS coding and modifiers. Later in the course you’ll learn ICD-9-CM and a look at the future of coding ICD-10-CM and PCS.

Students will learn the Correct Coding Initiatives, Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting, symbols, acronyms, and conventions used in coding. Principal vs. Primary Diagnosis, and DRG assignment. Insurance Billing within Practice Management software. Billing for Professional services and supplies, and a look at Hospital Billing.

Courses Included

  • Learn the Role of the Insurance Biller and Medical Coder
  • Learn CPT, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS coding
  • ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS overview
  • Learn the claims and revenue cycle
  • Learn to practice ethical decision making
  • Complete CMS-1500 claims forms (clean claims)
  • Overview of US-04 Claim form
  • Private, third-party, government programs, workers comp, and disability

Instruction will include:

  • Lecture
  • Discussion
  • Powerpoint
  • Hands on Application
  • Internet/Software Application

**This course utilizes Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office 11th edition, by Marilyn Fortney – Textbook and Workbook with Virtual Medical Office and additional resources through the internet utilizing the Evolve Website.

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