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Career Skills/Job Readiness

The interview process, from obtaining an invitation to an interview to follow-up after the interview, as well as proper interview demeanor, including listening and answering, asking questions, effective communication, and negotiations. Students will have confidence in getting past screening interviews, navigating tough interviews, resolving objections, and managing the follow-up process. Students will successfully create a resume.


Business Communications

Students will master business writing skills and be able to effectively communicate in a business setting, and also how to prepare for a writing task, skills effective word choice, sentence building, and paragraph design.


Business Math

Improve basic math skills and master basic mathematical calculations commonly used in business settings. Students will successfully compute fractions and decimals, the order of operations for combined computations, and solve equations and word problems. They will master the use of proportions, rations, and percentages, and the use of a calculator for business applications.


Call Center Customer Service Training

When working as a call center agent, it’s important to understand how to respond to a variety of customer issues, problems, or complaints. The importance of offering customer-centric service is the foundation of your job responsibilities. In this course, we’ll offer students a brief introduction to the responsibilities of a call center agent, whether you work from home, in a customer service department, or in an independently based call center. We’ll explain some of the basic do’s and don’ts of telephone etiquette, how to answer calls, and the impact your own town and attitude can have on callers. We’ll also introduce problem-solving techniques to help you provide quality and excellent services to customers.


Customer Service 101

Customer service is a crucial buzzword in the corporate world today. Just about every company seems to understand just how important customer service is and many have started to find ways to improve and measure customer service. In this course, we are going to look at what customer service is and isn’t and identify how you can understand and provide good customer service. This course will how you how to give not just “good” or “average” service but GREAT customer service.

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