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Dax Magahum

Dear Denise and Chona,

     I’ve just finished Beginner’s Excel or Excel 1.  My instructor was Mr. Jorge Mendez.  I just  wanted to say thanks a million!  I’m in my late 40s and yes, it really is been awhile (more like ages) since I went back to school.  I’ve learned a lot during this time.  He’s an excellent and patient teacher.  And YES HE DOES TAKE QUESTIONS and always asks if the class has any questions — contrary to some of feedback that he does not.  I am also grateful to him as he suggested more websites relating to excel and further learning such as the khan academy.  I felt, on my part, I should have given more effort on the quizzes — meaning, I wish I could have studied more.  I also need to learn to pay closer attention and listen, particularly on the terminologies.  For knowing this, makes you work more efficiently, with precision.     

     I’m glad I took this class, for this is a primer for future educational endeavors I may take.  You have a very noble institution which gives hope to those who are unemployed, ones looking for a different career path, and those who would like to learn an additional skill.  I hope your educational model business expands to a more thorough curriculum.  Again, thank you for all of this.  Learning is always a continuing and lifelong goal.    

 Sincerely Yours,

—Dax Magahum–